Crystal Tattoos to cover up any shaped tummy tuck scar

I really enjoy the tummy tucktoos. It looks great and I look forward to buying some more. “

BEFORE (stretch marks and Tummy Tuck scar)

AFTER (JUST BODY MAKEUP) I did not try to cover up the tattoo.

AFTER (with body make up and blue crystal tattoo)


These beautiful crystal tattoos, cover over a tummy tuck scar perfectly. If your tummy tuck scar is not straight across, I make the same designs, in 3 six inch pieces, so you can put them over your individual shaped scar,
They are water proof and reusable, They come on an adhesive strip. either with blue or pick arrows, as shown n the picture, They are covered with crystals, although they are hard to see in the pictures, They also come in swirls of flowers, in both pink and blue, Both come in a 16 inch strip, or 3 6 inch sections, and they can be mixed and matched.

It is advised to take them off when you shower of bathe, and then reapply them, each set of 2 come with a bottle of Bindi Glue, You should save the strip of coated paper it comes with to keep them on when not in use, They are so pretty, people without tummy tuck scars love to wear them with their favorite bikini.

They take just seconds to apply.
My Crystal Tummy Tuck Tattoos, now come in 14 designs, from hearts to roses on vines to flowers and scrolls,. They are all unique and beautiful. They also come in 12 different colors
They are packaged in groups of 3, with 3 different designs in 3 different color schemes, I will have pictures of the design and a color chart, and I will tell you the colors and designs that I have packaged together very soon, if you check back in just a few days, Right now I have the flower and feather designs, packaged separately, in groups of 3 colors. They come in Silver gold and maroon. I will also have more pictures, and I will be opening an on line store, very, very soon.
Feel free to call me and I will tell you what I have while the page is being designed professionally, Please look below at the other items I am selling, All having to do with covering tummy tuck scars and stretch marks on the tummy. I saw a great need for something like this and they have been tremendously successful.


They are all packaged in 3 strips of Crystal Tummy Tucktoo’s,

The prices are as follows:

1 package of 3 Crystal Tummy Tucktoo’s $75 comes with a small bottle of skin glue. Plus tax, S&H, and any Pay Pal fees if applicable.

‘I love the crystal tattoos!’

This is my client Valerie, She is wearing one of my own designed, crystal tattoos to cover her tummy tuck scar. She looks amazing!!!!

These beautiful scarf belts come in 12 colors to match the Crystal Tummy Tucktoo’s. However, it ties either in front, or to one side, right over the tummy tuck scar, so, you don’t really have to wear both the scarf belt and the Tummy Tucktoo at the same time. It is sexy and very lightweight and comfortable, A perfect accessory to wear with your low rise bikini at the beach or the pool. The waist chains do not cover the tummy tuck scar, but they are a beautiful accessory to wear with your Crystal Tummy Tucktoo’s . I have made them extra long to fit around everyone’s waist and to have a nice dangling effect, I will have a color chart published shortly. But the colors are:

  • Red
  • Light Pink, (shown)
  • Dark or HOT Pink
  • Dark or Royal Blue
  • Light Blue
  • Black
  • Yellow or Gold
  • Orange
  • Green
  • Maroon
  • Gray or Silver
  • White
  • and they all come with either silver or gold coins, So please specify when ordering,
  • Waist chains come in the same colors as well, in either  gold or silver tone.

The price for the scarf belt is $35 for 1 and $60 for 2, and $80 for 3, plus tax and S&H, plus 3% Pay Pal fees if applicable.
The price for the waist chain is $40 for 1, and $70 for 2, and $100 for 3, plus tax, S&H, and 3% Pay Pal fee’s if applicable.
Package deals for waist chains and scarf belts and Crystal Tummy Tucktoo’s are available

  • 1 of each, 3 pack of Crystal Tummy Tucktoo’s, 1 scarf belt, and one waist chain, Regularly, $150, Package deal price, 10% discount, ($135), Plus a free gift of your choice of either a matching  lower back, arm band or faux belly button piercing, crystal tattoo.
  • 3, 3 packs of Crystal Tummy Tucktoo’s, with 3 matching scarf belts and 3 matching waist chains,, Regularly $450 Package deal price, 20% discount ($360), plus a free gift of a matching lower back, arm band and faux belly button piercing, crystal tattoos. Plus a $10 coupon towards your next order. and free shipping and handling.
  • 2, 3 packs of Crystal Tummy Tucktoo’s, receive a free gift of either a matching lower back or arm band crystal tattoo.
  • 3, 3 packs of Crystal Tummy Tucktoo’s, receive a matching scarf belt in your color choice, if available in that color, or a matching waist chain in your color choice, if available in that color.

This is my beautiful client from New Orleans who had dark spots on he legs I did a perfect custom color match and airbrushed the body make up on her legs and Tummy, I put a Swarovski Crystal tattoo around her ankle and she slipped into a pair of sexy high heels, and she looked spectacular, Her only disappointment was that she couldn’t go right home and show off her legs to every body, She was so skeptical at first, but took a leap of faith and decided to give it a try, She was thrilled and couldn’t have been happier, She doesn’t have a tummy tuck scar, but she purchased a waist chain and scarf belt
just to wear with her bikini, which she hasn’t worn anything that showed her legs, since she was in elementary school.

This is my client who is wearing one of the clear crystal and silver tone waist chains, The waist chains also help hide any stretch marks on the tummy,